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Affect theory: the debate continues (sort of)

William Connolly’s response to Ruth Leys’ critique of affect theory is in the latest issue of Critical Inquiry, and Leys has a follow-up comment. Connolly’s response is rather weak – he basically re-asserts the outlines of his theory of neuro-mediated affective priming of subjects, including the … Continue reading

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Keep Mrs. Honeyman right out of sight

A week of protest, demonstrations, rioting, flash looting, vandalism and violence across towns and cities in England has been another occasion for the expression of instant opinion and analysis by academics and intellectuals. The president and vice-chair of the British … Continue reading

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Songs to learn and sing….?

White Riot, The Clash I Predict a Riot, Kaiser Chiefs Bonnie and Clyde, Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg What’s Going On, Marvin Gaye Drunk Girls, LCD Soundsystem Teenage Riot, Sonic Youth Fight the Power, Public Enemy For What it’s Worth, … Continue reading

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Things I now know about credit rating agencies

The downgrading of the USA’s credit rating last week, amidst more general financial chaos, has elicited a flurry of commentary on the authority of the credit rating agencies. Paul Krugman suggests that they deserve no standing – these are the … Continue reading

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Theory Talks

This might not be new to anyone else, but I only just came across Theory Talks, a forum for discussion of theoretical issues in IR, broadly conceived – basically, interviews with academics, talking about big current global issues, and theory. The … Continue reading

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New blog on urbanism and democracy

Just noticed a new blog by Mark Purcell, Path to the Possible, on issues of urbanism, politics, democracy. Mark is author of Recapturing Democracy, one of the few books I can think of in geography/urban studies that engages in detail with democratic theory. I … Continue reading

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